The Best Child Care Center Insurance In North Carolina

Whether you’re an In-Home Daycare Center, large commercial Child Care Center or Child Care program within a local church, securing the best insurance package must be tailored specifically to your business.

North Carolina alone has thousands of Child Care Centers, each one just as unique as the next.

  • Child Care Centers
  • In-Home Daycare Centers
  • Drop-In Centers
  • Group Centers      
  • Head Start Programs
  • Night-time Operations   
  • Latchkey Operations
  • Preschools                          
  • Before & After School Programs

Child Care Centers operate in numerous ways and function differently depending on the services provided.  Regardless of the scope and size, parents put tremendous trust in your business to love & care for their children.

The peace of mind you give parents in being a well-rounded Child Care Center is invaluable.

In this article, we will explore the following topics:

  • BEST Insurance Companies for Child Care Center Insurance In North Carolina
  • Child Care Center Coverages That Matter
  • How Much Does Child Care Insurance Cost

The BEST Insurance Companies for Child Care Center Insurance in North Carolina

If you’re going to have the best, you’ve got to be covered by the best.

In our experience, we believe these companies are “top of class” in Child Care Center Insurance:


  • West Bend provides insurance to more than 7,000 Child Care Centers
  • Mid-west company that started over 125 years ago
  • Began writing coverage in North Carolina in 2018
  • Provides a premier insurance package specific to Child Care owners
  • Very competitive rates
  • Excellent claims handling and customer service


  • Very strong presence in the Child Care class
  • Specific coverages and endorsements unique to Child Care
  • Packages available for both non-profit and for profit operations


  • Great coverage options for Child Care
  • Excellent customer service
  • Flexible pay plan options

These three carriers specialize in Child Care and have positioned themselves to have:

  • The Most Competitive Rates in the Market
  • Simplified Coverages, Applications and Policy Analysis
  • Customizable Coverage Options and Endorsements
  • Variety of Enhancements Targeted Specifically to Child Care Centers
  • Proven Track Record for Claims Handling, Communication and Support

Many insurance companies offer coverage for Child Care Centers but it makes a dramatic difference if your carrier truly specializes in it.

How Much Does Child Care Center Insurance Cost?

Base rates can begin as low as $750/annually and gradually increase with various coverage options.

Every insurance package will vary particularly due to the size of the Child Care Center and the coverages purchased.  The number of children by age groups and staffing sizes are important factors in determining the rate of your program.

Your policies and procedures can also have a major impact on the overall insurance cost for your child care center.

Here’s a quick breakdown of typical annual rates:
Small – $1,200-$4,000
Medium – $4,000-$8,000
Large  – $8,000-$20,000

Child Care Coverages that Matter

Understanding your insurance program can be a challenge for any child care director. With so many options and considerations to be made, breaking down the most common and most needed coverages is something we focus on. Here are the most common coverages that we see time and time again.

  • General Liability
  • Business Income and Extra Expense (ALS)
  • Workers Compensation
  • Professional Liability
  • Abuse and Molestation
  • Property
  • Umbrella

Additional Coverages Frequently Purchased

  • Commercial and Personal Auto
  • Crime
  • Abduction Coverage
  • Dog & Cat Liability Coverage
  • Water Activities On & Off Premises

In order to be a licensed child care center, North Carolina requires General Liability coverage to be in force.   

General liability covers third-party claims for bodily injury, property damage, and reputational damage. 

Children are prone to have slips, falls and accidents.  Even though most injuries are minor, it is prudent for the business owner to have adequate coverage. 

If severe medical attention and/or legal ramifications arise, your business needs protection against these expenses.

Business Income and Extra Expense (Actual Loss Sustained) provides coverage when your Child Care Center temporarily closes due to a loss.

This is one of the most popular endorsements on an insurance package because it replaces income and operational expenses while the property undergoes restoration.

Workers Compensation coverage is required in North Carolina with business’ that have three or more employees.

It is common for Child Care Center employees to face various accidents, injuries and sicknesses. 

While on the job, Worker’s Compensation will cover those losses and help get your employees back to work.

Also known as, errors and omissions insurance (E&O), Professional Liability Coverage protects against negligence, inaccurate advice and misrepresentation. 

Your families can take legal action against you if they believe you or your employees made a mistake.

Avoid these legal defense costs and protect your business.

Abuse and Molestation coverage is an absolute must on every Child Care Center insurance package.

Even though these types of claims are few and far between, it can seriously affect the entire business.

If one of your employees is accused of sexual misconduct, abuse and molestation coverage will handle your business’ legal defense costs.

Property insurance covers the physical building you occupy, your business personal property and the equipment.

Depending on the amount of assets you have, this coverage is very customizable.

Coverage for the building will not be necessary if you’re renting the space.

What’s Next?

Finding the perfect insurance program for your business is a very specialized process. We pride ourselves in our understanding of the unique needs for child care centers across the state of North Carolina.

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