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More and more companies are looking into captive insurance as it becomes increasingly more feasible for smaller businesses. This means you may qualify for a captive insurance program easier than you thought. We have partnered with the leading captive insurance programs across the nation to provide our clients with an easy to understand model.

We are your source for setting up a captive insurance model that will work for your business.

A Captive Insurance Program Can Decrease Your Company's Insurance Expenses And Provide A Plan That Benefits Your Business.

The most successful captive insurance programs have a loss ratio of 50% or lower and usually have casualty premiums that equate to $100,000 or more.

If you're trying to take advantage of more stable pricing, you're in a high-risk industry, or you just want more control over your agency, captive insurance program could be right for you.



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**Important —Please note completion of any request(s) for information does not constitute the purchase of insurance. No coverage may be added, changed or bound as a result of submitting a request for information or quotation of insurance. All coverage must be confirmed by the agency in writing subject to an acceptable signed application meeting the underwriting guidelines of the Insurance Company.

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